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Simex Systems Ltd specialises in servicing Purup Esko-Graphics Imagesetters and Platedriver systems.

We work worldwide with the supply of spare parts for the Purup Esko-Graphics system at highly competitive prices.


Your immediate problems with your PrePress system can usually be resolved over the telephone and most service visits within the UK and Europe can ordinarily be arranged within 24 hours.

We supply spare parts for all the Purup Esko-Graphics range ie. Platedrivers, Magnum Classic, Medley, Mercur, B2Ctf, Maestro and PIM 80/xx series etc.

We build, supply and service RIP processors for Purup Esko-Graphics and we always have units in stock for immediate delivery.

Call: +44(0) 7711 362 583
Fax: +44(0)151 670 0030

Email: sales@simex.co.uk
for further information - we will be happy to assist you.


Purup Products

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ImageMaker Maestro + PIM80/XX

MAGNUM Classic

ImageMaker MAGNUM / RS

ImageMaker Mercur


The company you can rely on for sure, swift support.