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  • Punched, plate-ready film and 4-colour polyester plates for virtually all mid-size 4-page presses
  • 3-roll magazine holds up to 600 feet of film and pliable plate material
  • Cast iron internal drum ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • Designed for unattended operation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • High quality output at all resolutions - 1270, 2540, 3175, 3969 and 5080 dpi

The ImageMaker Maestro consists of an image setter and a PS-Link RIP for PostScript™ output. It provides PostScript users with output to film, paper and polyester plates - output that meets the highest professional standards of speed, productivity and quality in the graphic arts industry.

The sophisticated architecture and screening technology of the ImageMaker MAGNUM Maestro allows high quality output of line art, text and halftone 4-colour images at 1270, 2540, 3175, 3969 or 5080 dpi. It operates in full daylight.



ImageMaker Maestro 1996

Technical Specifications:

The full range of PS-Link RIPs.
Please ask for details

-Internal drum (i.e. film is stationary during exposure)
- 508 x 660 mm (20 x 26")
Max speed:
- 1270 dpi: 982 sq in/min
- 2540 dpi: 491 sq in/min
- 3175 dpi: 197 sq in/min

Light Source
Helium-Neon Laser (635 nm)
- 1270/2540/3175 dpi
Laser spot size:
- 26/13/10 µm

Laser Diode (Infra-red light, 780 nm) (optional) Addressability:
- 1270/2540/3175 dpi
Laser spot size:
- 26/13/10 µm

Screen ruling:
- 15-400 lines/cm (37-1000 lpi)
Film hold-down:
- Vacuum
Climate control:
- Built-in fan unit or climate control system (optional)
Register system:
- Customer-specified register systems (optional)

Mechanical accuracy of exposure
Overall accuracy: ± 15 µm (0.6 mil)
Repeatability: ± 5 µm (0.2 mil)

Film transport
Automatic loading, punching, cutting, and unloading of exposed material to an on-line film processor.

Photographic material
Antistatic film,paper and polyester plate.
- min size 250 x 250 mm (9.8 x 9.8")
- max size 550 x 665 mm (21.6 x 26.2")
- 0 to +6 according to ISO 4330, 1994 Method A
Capacity of film magazine:
- Stores up to 3 rolls of film or polyester plate.
Capacity of media rolls:

- 60 metres / 200 feet (0.10 mm / 4 mil)
- 30 metres / 100 feet (0.18 mm / 7 mil)

Operator Console
The ImageMaker is operated from a PC with Purup-Eskofot Control software which features status display for jobs being exposed, as well as status of the ImageMaker Maestro, statistical features and a modem connection.

Options for Imagesetter
- Built-on climate control
- On-line processor
- Laser diode, 780 nm
- Argon Ion Laser
- Customer-specified register system

110-120/208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
2 or 3 phase.
Power supply hold-up time: 20 msec
Consumption: max. 3.2 KVA

Operating Environment
ImageMaker Maestro operates in full daylight.
Room temperature with built-in climate control in the ImageMaker Maestro:
- 15-35°C (59-95°F)
Humidity: 20-80% RH, non-condensing, max. 17g water/kg air
Room temperature without built-on climate control in the ImageMaker Maestro:
- 20°C ±2°C (68°F ±3.6°F)
Humidity: 50% RH, = 5% non-condensing

Acoustic noise
Max 55 dBA

CE UL, FDA approved.

Physical Dimensions
Height: 1298 mm (51.1")
Width: 1720 mm (67.6")
Depth: 750 mm (29.5")
Weight: 700 kg (1680 lbs)
(max. configuration)

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